Rated 4.63 out of 5 based on 43 customer ratings
43 Reviews (43 customer reviews)
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Maximize your lead generation game by finding and verifying the email addresses behind any website

Easily find the professional email address of contacts that you would like to connect with.

You have a service to offer to a company whom you think will be interested in your offer and you really want to reach out to them. The only problem is that you don't have contact information for anyone who works at that company. You search online but can't find anyone who works there. That sounds pretty disappointing, right?

What if there was an easy way for you to find professional email addresses from any website in seconds so you can connect with the people that matter for your business?

Introducing Tomba

Key features

  • Domain and advanced Searches
    Find email addresses from any company name or website in seconds
  • Email Finder
    Find the verified email address of any professionals from their websites
  • Alternative to
    Tomba is alternative to
  • Best for
    Choose Sales teams, Outreach campaigns, Cold Emailing and and recruiters looking to speed their prospecting game

Domain Search

The Domain Search allows you to find emails from a domain, company name or website.

Type or copy and paste the domain name into the input box located in the dashboard.

Tomba will automatically find all the available email addresses associated with it and other information when available such as :

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Telephone number
  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn profile
Show sources for the emails found

All the emails found in the Domain Search are publicly sourced from the web. Click the arrow next to the number of available sources to expand them.

All links are active and they will lead you to the specific page where Tomba found the email by providing a reference date too.

Email Verification

Every email address in the Domain Search is provided with a Confidence Score. Each email address can show a green, orange, or red dot next to it. The confidence score depends on the amount of information we have on a domain name and the sources for the email.

Export the email addresses found in CSV

Users use the “Export in CSV” link to export the emails found for a Domain.

You can also copy a single email address by clicking on it:

Bulk Domain Search

The Bulk Domain Search lets you enter a list of domains or company names, and download a list of email addresses associated with these domains.

Bulk Domain Search are available on premium plans only.

Chrome Extension

Tomba comes with a Chrome extension that allows you to find email addresses with a simple click while you are on a website.

The first 50 people to buy this and leave an honest review will get 1 additional team member license and 100 additional searches per month on top of their plan.

Digitalthink Offer Terms:

  • Lifetime Access to Tomba
  • All future plan updates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


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  • Starter Plan

    Onetime Payment $49

    Lifetime Access to the Starter Plan
    500 searches per month
    Verifications 1,000 per month (Soon)
    100 phone verifications per month
    Bulk search/verification
    Domain export
    5 API KEY

    Sold Out

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  • Growth Plan

    Onetime Payment $99

    Lifetime Access to the growth plan
    2,500 searches per month
    Verifications 5,000 per month (Soon)
    Phone 500 per month
    Domain export
    10 API KEY

    Sold Out

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  • Pro Plan

    Onetime Payment $149

    Lifetime Access to the PRO Plan
    Searches 10,000 per month
    Verifications 20,000 per month (Soon)
    Phone 1,000 per month
    Domain export
    20 API KEY

    Sold Out

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  • Enterprise Plan

    Onetime Payment $249

    Lifetime Access to the Enterprise Plan
    25,000 Searches per month
    60,000 EmailVerifications per month (Soon)
    5,000 Phone Verifications per month
    Bulk search/verifications
    Domain export
    50 API KEY

    Sold Out

Frequently Asked Questions

How are searches counted when using the Domain Search?

When you use the Domain Search, a search request is counted every 10 email addresses returned (every page). For example, if you fetch 176 results from a domain, 18 requests will be counted. When there is no result, it's free.

How are verifications counted when using the Email Verifier?

One verification request is counted for each email verified. If we fail to verify, no request is counted; in this case, the verification status returned is "Unknown". The personal email addresses (like from Gmail or Outlook) and the disposable email addresses are not verified by Tomba. They are automatically skipped and no verification request is counted

Are the same requests made several times counted each time?

No. The same requests are counted once per billing period.

What about searches made using the browser extension or the Google Sheets add-on?

Search and verification requests are counted the same way wherever they are done, using the web app, the API, the browser extension, the Google Sheets add-on, or any other products.

Where does the data come from?

Most of the email addresses found in the Domain Search have public sources on the web. The sources are always displayed in the results, along with their discovery dates.

How can I find the email address of someone if I already have their name?

To find the email address from a name, you can use the Email Finder.

What is the Bulk Domain Search?

The Bulk Domain Search lets you find email addresses from a list of domain names. It searches in our unique database of publicly available professional email addresses and returns the best results for each domain name. You can filter by department (executive, marketing, HR, IT, communication, etc.), the type of email address (generic or personal). You can test individual searches with the individual

Where can we follow Tomba product update and future roadmap?

You can follow our progression .

How often is the data updated?

Tomba data is updated every 15 minutes which significantly minimizes the amount of outdated information. The data you receive is always fresh, clean and updated.
For more information robot

Can I carry over the unused requests to the next month?

Unfortunately No, the unused/remaining requests in your account will not be carried over to the next month.

Rated 4.63 out of 5 based on 43 customer ratings
43 Reviews (43 customer reviews)

43 reviews for Tomba

  1. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    sgredrooster (verified owner)

    I missed out on so when I learnt about Tomba, my interest was piqued. For a plan similar to Hunter's, I would have to fork out $399/month. Similar tools like Linkleads are overpriced imho. So it was a no brainer to grab a copy of the enterprise plan.

    I had a couple of runs with this tool targeting local companies. The data extracted was usable. Since I'm looking into providing lead gen, outreach and automation as a service to my existing clients, I find it necessary to have a tool like Tomba. It complements other tools like Texau and Linvo to reach deep into Linkedin to pull out the leads. Tomba is user friendly. You just enter a domain and the tool does its job. After that you can examine before exporting the data. For the more adventurous, you can play around with the public API and make different kinds of queries.

    I'm only giving it 4 stars because more integrations are needed. I would like to see it being integrated with Muxemail, Kirim mail and/or Encharge for example. This would reduce the friction and increase its value.

    Overall, I find the tool simple to use. It's not too expensive. However, I can't wait for the tool to develop and mature once the founder collects more fund and rolls out future development.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Hermes Ratgers (verified owner)

    Tried it this morning with several websites. Overall the results of the emails where as expected but for some websites I would expect more returns. So if I search for cloudgen I have no results while on the website there are 2 emails. 1 other site gave me 1 result while many other emails where listed (okay in a href) on the site.

    But for ther sites like the taxes I got thousends of results which is great for me. So for a tool thats not polished yet, I believe its something you want to use. But at a roll over of credits is necessary because the tool is not up to standards yet.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    msabiransari (verified owner)

    I just tried tomba and searched about 250 domains and it returned ALL the domains with emails populated. I have been using other tools which failed terribly but tomba did the job so fast and results are accurate. It scraps the websites and find the email there and if not then it goes to linkedin and pulls all the emails associated with that domain along with linkedin profile URL and it does that pretty fast. I got the emails back for 250 domains in just few seconds.

    It is a 4 star product just because they have bugs and UI experience is not that good but I find support very responsive and committed to enhance the experience.

    This tool is definitely a must-have for people who generate leads online and a great compliment to the tools like TexAu etc. It is going to be a great tool if integrated with other tools like MuxEmail. Just imagine pushing these searched leads into MuEmail along with the tag by click of a button. Prospecting will become so easy.

    Overall very good experience. It's easy to use and very fast. Good job

  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Paul Vincent (verified owner)

    Just been testing out the domain search and am pretty happy with the results, much better than some others I've tried previously and on par with Hunter I would say. Chrome ext works well also, glad I picked up the pro plan I can definitely put this tool to some use.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    nicolas (verified owner)

    Tomba is obviously a bit "green", but it already works perfectly.

    I only regret one can't look for someone's email without knowing his domain. My first results show it does things differently, and it finds a lots of results its competitors fail to.

    I haven't tried the leads features yet, but it sounds nice.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    martensonap (verified owner)

    Tomba is a great tool that provides contacts based on the URLs I search. I use TexAu to scrape Google Maps searches for business that I'm interested in contacting. I take the list of domains that I pull from TexAu and enter them into the Tomba bulk search. Then, I run these emails through a validation service and upload the list into my sender. Cold Emailing 101.

    When I compare Tomba with some of it's competitors, I wish it were able to run the search for me by region, industry, etc. Perhaps that is something they will consider for the future. It would make their platform incredibly powerful.

    So far, I have really enjoyed Tomba.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    peter.andrew.jensen (verified owner)

    UI is very basic. Tested it on a few sites and it missed emails that are on the sites...not sure the logic for missing the emails. Hopefully it will get better and become a contender to Hunter.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Avinash Katta (verified owner)

    Tomba has made my life easier.

    Wow, Finding email addresses in seconds with few simple clicks.

    I was able to document 7 use cases.

    Read my full review here: 👉

    What I personally liked : 💪💪

    ✔️ We can use the extension on different computers.
    ✔️ The "jump to" feature in the top-right menu is Nice.
    ✔️Can track how many credits we used easily.
    ✔️ When you make a search, be it Domain Search or an Email Finder request and when there is no result, it's free. The request is not counted, unlike other competitors.
    ✔️ You can group the leads into lists, but there are bugs to be fixed.
    ✔️ We can have a team for our account.

    What I expect : 🙏

    If there is a link to the domain's whois data for the search results, in company information, it would help.

    🔥🔥 Check out my Full Review -

  9. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    patrick-5917 (verified owner)

    I must admit that I was impressed with Tomba. In my opinion, the software is pretty straight forward and the user interface pretty easy to understand. Also, I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the results populated after I clicked on the search button. It would be very helpful if they would implement in the near future a robust filtering system that would allow users to search for information in a variety of ways. The company has great potential and I look forward to seeing it grow. This is one of those softwares that even if you think you don't need it you will need it.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    CodyLab (verified owner)

    I am very happy to have purchased this offer.
    the tool is very young but the results are impressive.
    The user interface is simple and clean yet so powerful.
    Do not miss this opportunity at this price it's amazing
    I highly recommend this tool

  11. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    hyzhenry (verified owner)

    Some deals aren't ready for use until months later, some deals could be used right away. And tomba is one of those that is ready to go once you purchase it. And for the price you pay right now, compared to other deals like FTL or Snov, it's incredibly affordable.

    Like all LTDs tomba isn't perfect yet. There are some sites with obvious emails that are not in tomba's database. Regardless, I'm sure they will continue to improve it. They also plan to have searches by tech stack in the future which would be very beneficial.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    CoreDigital (verified owner)

    I have used quite a few tools for my cold outreach campaign and I’m pretty sure Tomba will be one of the big players out there.

    It is easy to use, and the email results are correct. I can’t wait to see what’s comming.

    Don’t hesitate to grab a license even if you won’t use it têt. It will be usefull

  13. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    brijesh (verified owner)

    I Bought it yesterday and done my first domain search and found more than 10,000 pages of email list with source and confidence score which is awesome for cold email marketing campaigns and generating leads. The interface is also easy to use.

    The only thing I needed ( which is also going to be available after a week) is to download email in one go rather than page by page. Please note that there is a feature of downloading the entire search if your search results are within your plan limits.

    Looking forward to use tool to boost my cold email campaign.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    timo.torn (verified owner)

    I bought the Enterprise version of Tomba and really happy with the results it gives. For example, searching my own company domain name and I found many email personal email addresses which we have not put public on our website. I think it found those from LinkedIn and even gave correct info of the person's role in the company.
    Same with other companies I tried, so it seems to work really nicely.
    This will be so helpful for sales.
    Highly recommend Tomba!

  15. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Pratik Mandalia (verified owner)

    Huge potential and somehow I believe it will do replace

    It is a perfect STACK for TEXau and TOMBA

  16. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Tengku Syamil (verified owner)

    It's still in its early stages but the founders have been passionate and helpful before and after I purchased the Growth plan. The UI is simple and the product is promising based on my early use. I'm giving it 4 stars because there are emails that I looked for that are not in their database yet, but as I understand, once we've searched for it, the robot will start crawling the internet for them and I can look forward to seeing results in the next couple of days. I'm excited for that.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    tiers.system (verified owner)

    I have Findthatlead and texau. I bought the Tomba Entreprise plan which will make it possible to complete my Lead generation tools.

  18. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    matt (verified owner)

    I tried out Tomba and went with the deal even though I have FindThatLead. Why? I really liked that it returned social media accounts along with the emails too. There are many ways in which that additional info is useful, especially when reaching out to people.

    It's a very young product so I went with a smaller plan and didn't go all-in like some people, but the limits for my use cases are more than enough.

    One thing I'd recommend is possibly pushing the on-page email returns to 20 emails (each page worth of emails is one credit), simply because the nature of these services will always return a handful of generic emails connected to a domain. Or maybe Tomba can get even better are weeding those emails out.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Sam (verified owner)

    4 stars to the potential of this tool. 1 more star for the founders' passion in the development of this tool.

    Simple and straight forward UI. There is Chrome extension to hasten the process. Hope to see to grow further and realize its potential. Not to mention that this is a great deal. Also with the upcoming technology

    If you have other marketing tools, this is one to compliment and improve your workflow. Feel that I can get more different use cases with this. Not to the mention that this is a great deal. Also, upcoming there is a scanner for technology stack used on the websites.

  20. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    concordhouse9 (verified owner)

    At first I took this deal for granted. I own and have used many email finding tools including Hunter, Find that Lead, Lusha etc. However I gave it a test drive and I was really impressed with the results. Its still in its early stages, but they have accomplished alot. I love that they offer transparency in where they find the leads. I only know one other service that offers this (Hunter) and I was paying steep month fees for this. This is super helpful if you need context on where the info was found, but also gives insight into where your competitors are posting and potential marketing options for you. I also love that they have an integration with Airtable. This is big win for me. This is an amazing deal well worth the price.

  21. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    pbotadra (verified owner)

    I find a lot of potential in this tool. It has a decent database already. I was able to get results for nearly 90% of the domains I tried. What I like the best is the focus on APIs. I hope to get the apis working with some other automation tools that I am already using. The ui could use a uplift bit I understand that it may not be a priority for a tool like this. In all, I am very happy that I got this and would recommend others get it while they can

  22. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Monique (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with Tomba. I am able to download thousands of big company websites & phone numbers within a excel file. Tomba was able the populate vital information I usually would have my VA do. Now, I'm able to do some manual work of finding CEOs, Owners, Founders & etc. on my own. I reach out the big companies daily.

    Support has been helpful in answering my questions. They were able to send me an example of a csv & txt file, for the bulk search option.

    The UI/UX is very smooth & easy to get started right away. Data populates pretty fast. I get excited when I see the CEOs email, linkedin, & etc pop up. My favorite feature is the Domain Search. I'm glad to know the data we retrieve from Tomba is always being updated.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    venky (verified owner)

    From the moment I saw the demo, I was very impressed with the application. While I have other tools that can give the email ids, the number of emails that I got in Tomba is high in comparison to the other tools.

    The limits are also generous, which would suffice my needs.
    The speed at which you get the results is really good, this is one of the best highlights.

    Though it is minor, there are a lot of spelling mistakes in the application and the UI is not so great.

  24. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    abbyshark (verified owner)

    Tested with Dropcontact at the insistence of a friend - my first test. Pleasantly surprised to find 7 out of 10 matches. It is really giving useful data at this point - comparable to 10s of $$$ worth of monthly subscription! Absolutely must-have for cold email outreaches.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews (verified owner)

    Tomba is a nice tool to find leads:) I like the roadmap, UI looks good enough. Previously I was using which was quite expensive when compared to Tomba LTD. I can see that Tomba has potential and may become another Hunter,io! That's why I tried out this product because there are many promising features in the package already - especially for how much they're asking for (which by now seems like an unbeatable deal). Also, the team is really helpful. Good luck on your campaign guys 🙂

  26. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Sumit (verified owner)

    I'm currently using Tomba to replace an email scraping tool currently in my stack, and I'm liking it so far.

  27. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Ryan Bradshaw (verified owner)

    I really like the chrome extension that gives you a direct link to click on Linkedin profiles when you are on a company dmoain, which some other tools do not do. Results are pretty accurate this will be replacing in my stack.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Leo Koo (verified owner)

    Tomba is an interesting tool that has the potential to replace and FindThatLead. I bought the deal after reading a number of reviews.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    BenAmara (verified owner)

    Super impressed with the speed and the results. Clean UI/UX and the roadmap is looking great! Grab this while you can!

  30. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    thegreencabby (verified owner)

    Wish I could stack the ENTERPRISE, *money in hand*, love the ease of use for this BULK importer. Works great with my GMB niche data scraper extension, talked to the dev and he said he could probaly also setup an integration for me. you dont see many comapanies ready to do this.

    Pulls good amounts of emails and data, for the sites it provides, wish it would also scrape the sites or pull other public data to give more site results emails or personal emails. But it is great not having to pay monthly for hunter when I am getting leads for my google review ranking business. Thanks for the great app - PASSIVECASHSTACKER

  31. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    sajwalpageni (verified owner)

    This review would be 4.5 but since that's not an option I'm giving it a 5.

    The tool is fairly new but already giving a tough competition to industry leaders like Hunter when it comes to data available.

    I like everything about it, including fairly generous limits.

    I would like to see UI improvements (which I think is already in your roadmap) and most importantly, I would love to see the team build a cold email platform within so it can truly rival its competitors.

  32. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Mux (verified owner)

    wish I can give 10 stars!... Love at first sight.. tomba is a killer. This was a no brainer purchase for me as I had a need of a product with similar features and I was at the right place at the right time when I saw legend Mohamed Ali announced about the deal. Buy now or regret later 😉

  33. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    vuhoang02 (verified owner)

    The first time, I could not sign up with Tomba - perhaps because the requirement for using work e-mail which I was reluctant. But then I used work e-mail to sign up, as I heard so many good things about Tomba. And surprisingly, yes it is even greater than what I heard.

    I tried searching a few domains - the results are incredible - I did not remember having that substantial and comprehensive results from any tools I have used. The quality is far above any products of the same kind (not tried though - too expensive for me).

    Tomba is definitely more than 5 stars if such scale is available!!!! Great offer - thanks Mohamed Ali and Tomba team!!!

  34. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    mzeyn28 (verified owner)

    Tomba is an interesting tool that has the potential to replace
    user friendly ui - was bought this deal done my first domain search and found more pages can be reach. hope next update make better !

    Looking forward to use tool to boost my cold email campaign.

  35. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Reginald Chan (verified owner)

    Hop on right on the first LTD with Enterprise. Why? The price is just too good.

    Now, software part. It's good and the database is growing. Highly recommended.

  36. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    carlsjr93 (verified owner)

    Generous limits and passionate founder! Usually, this kind of tools requires large amount of data and time to be good. Trust me, this tool is growing at an unbelievably fast rate, and im sure it will catch up to big players very soon. At this moment, it fits my requirements perfectly.

  37. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Ash Rai (verified owner)

    Great tool for cold outreach. Reall helpful for getting emails of potential customers you want to reach out to. Unlike some other tools out there, the database of Tomba is very robust and almost 80% accurate so far. Also can be very useful in combination with a scraping tool like Texau . Best alternative as of now to Hope this tool will continue to evolve!

  38. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    czoid74 (verified owner)

    Tomba is a great, saves you time and effort to find accurate information fast and easy! Must have tool! great alternative to

  39. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Omar Latif (verified owner)

    A great product for those who do cold B2B outreach, it has very generous limits and the roadmap looks very promising. If you use or anything similar then you will need this tool. The team behind the product are very responsive and are continually taking in the feedback to improve the product.

  40. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    vikasspatil7 (verified owner)

    I have been testing this tool since the 1st LTD launch. I thought I would check it out and I created a trial account, in the begining it did not find the data as I was expecting from it but I got a feedback saying the bot is new and every search website is added to it.

    I checked the same websites after few days and boom! Magic happened.

    The second part was the updates, roadmap and the responsiveness of the founder that made me believe and purchse this deal in Revind.

    All the best team, and its a must buy.

    I hope the team keeps on improving and uphold our trust at this early stage.

  41. Rated 4 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    KC Wong (verified owner)

    I already have FindThatLead and Sales.Rocks. Nevertheless, I still bought Tomba and found it amazing. It's still new and has some ways to go in order to catch up with the likes of, and some other established software. However, looking at the direction where Tomba is heading and its two founders, this software has lots of upsides and a great potential going forward !

  42. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    dreamzspl (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a tool like Tomba that will allow us to look up for specific email addresses to do outreaching. Really glad to have found this tool! Looking forward to utilising it and seeing the tool mature and grow to become a major player in this area. 👍

  43. Rated 5 out of 5
    43 Reviews

    Grow (verified owner)

    Really easy to use and the limit is good. Look forward to see new features.

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Ask a Question

April 28, 2021

I tried a few searches of Australian domains (relatively small websites) and only one (the biggest) returned any results. Is this something that will be improved

Abedrahim from Tomba
April 28, 2021

Hi there
we work only with business email
No personal email like Gmail and Hotmail aol ect
All plan comes with data update
We will add statistics page like ahrefs and hunter
Best regards 🙂

May 7, 2021

Can it work on LinkedIn Sales Navigator Saved Leads page like ZeroIn?
How can it help find email on LinkedIn?
Can I connect my own email verifier through API?

Abedrahim from Tomba
May 8, 2021

Hi David
No tomba doesn't work with sales Navigator
you save lead on the domain search or the email finder and the extensions
you can use the Email Finder.

This tool allows finding the email of a person by simply typing the full name and website (like you were doing on LinkedIn
No you can't do that the email verifier comming soon .
thank you

May 25, 2021

Does it help in finding email and contact on linkedin

Abedrahim from Tomba
May 25, 2021

no tomba extension not working on the linkdein
LinkedIn’t new Terms of Use (Prohibition of Scraping Software) that prohibits the use of every extension on its website (not only Tomba).
but you can do that with the Email finder

June 6, 2021

Will you ever be adding a cold emailing tool within your platform?

It would be amazing if I could connect Amqzon SES within your platform and have an automation builder for cold outreach.

Abedrahim from Tomba
June 7, 2021

Hi Contactgregtucker
yes we have plan to add Gsuite and gmail API for cold email

you can connect Amazon SES with MuxEmail tomba has integration with MuxEmail

Best regards 🙂

Martin Azmanov
June 16, 2021

I bought a starter plan but now I want to upgrade to growth plan. How I can do this?

June 16, 2021

Please email support at

Felipe Bedin
June 17, 2021

Hi, how does the users part work, I can define a number of surveys, email checks for each one of them.

Each user has an account separate from each other, that would be a sub-account, correct?

Abedrahim from Tomba
June 17, 2021

Hi Felipe
please Check your inbox

Best regards 🙂


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