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One tool for Conversion Rate Optimization through Popup and Push Notifications

Reach out to your subscribers whenever and wherever you want to, in real-time with pop-ups and powerful push notifications to re-engage with them.

Are you one amongst them who thinks that Popups are ugly, and they make the user experience bad?

It’s time for you to change that opinion.Be it a big SAAS players like HubSpot, Active Campaign and Intercom, or E-commerce stores like Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana or Conversion specialists like Neil Patel, Brain Dean or Tony Robbins they all use popups in their sales funnels for a reason. Because they convert!

Yes, you heard it right. Popups help you to increase your website conversions by 10% if done right.Not just Popups, even Push Notifications convert more than an email.

Introducing Qualzz

Like a great dinner spread, a website that gives visitors what they want will keep them coming back hungry for more.

Key features

  • Design Popups your visitors love
    Design popups with multi-page forms editor with custom form fields such as checkbox, radio button or a dropdown
  • Bring back your Subscribers
    Create, personalize, and send push notifications directly to your segmented subscribers
  • This deal is suitable for every online business
    No matter how big or small your business is, be it a SaaS or an e-commerce store. Qualzz helps you to increase your website conversions and grow revenue
  • Alternative to
    Optinly, Wisepops, Optinmonster, Convertbox, Gravitec, Push-engage and Truepush

Qualzz is easy to use and works with any CMS like Wordpress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix ..etc. You just need to place Qualzz JS code in your website and activate your popup campaigns to start collecting leads. Connect with your favorite CRM tools using webhooks or native integrations and automate your lead funnels.

Increase your push notification subscribers by using Qualzz custom prompts. Personalize and stay in touch with your audience by sending them push notifications directly to their browsers.

Qualzz dashboard depicts your website's performance

Qualzz dashboard depicts your website performance
Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!

One of the important aspects of creating Qualzz is to not just help in increasing conversions but to track the performance and optimize the efforts in a meaningful way to maximize the conversions.

In dashboard, you can view from which country you are receiving better conversions. What traffic channels are working for you, on which weekday are your audience converting more. Not only that, but you can also view the best converting pages on your website. The top campaigns and their statistics in a said date range.

Overview screen to create and manage your campaigns

Overview screen to create and manage your campaigns
Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!

Create new popup campaigns, activate/de-activate them in a single click. Filter your campaign list based on the campaign type, device type or format. Take a glimpse of the campaigns performance by looking at the number of Views, Clicks and CTR.

Right from here you can preview, edit, copy, and delete your campaigns. Select statistics icon to view the detailed performance of the campaigns and export the collected data in a spreadsheet.

Take advantage of Qualzz multi-variant testing and create as many variations as possible you want to test and choose the best converting amongst them.

Easy to use and flexible drag & drop canvas designer 

Easy to use and flexible drag & drop canvas designer
Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!

If you have an eye for design and like to create your own beautiful popup designs, then Qualzz is for you. The flexible drag & drop canvas designer helps you to create your own or use any of our conversion ready templates to create one to suit your visitor’s taste. 

Use a canvas grid to design a perfect campaign, add your own images, colors, text and buttons to design a popup to match your visitors’ personas.

Create multi page popups and connect them together like a funnel. Design different formats like full screen, Light box, Floating bar, In-line and slide-in popups.

Be it a lead capture form, feedback form or a survey – Using the elements customize your own popup by adding custom fields, drop-downs, radio buttons or check boxes. 

Create urgency by adding timer to your popup and increase your conversions by creating a FOMO. Increase your social likes and views by adding a social element.

Options are limit less in Qualzz – Add an intriguing teaser to your popups, add animations, gradients, close button or add email verification to filter your leads.

Advanced display, targeting and automations

Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!

Use advanced display and targeting options to personalize your offers to specific target audience.

Choose any trigger – on landing, on exit, on scroll, after pages, on click or on element hover. Don’t want to annoy your visitors immediately after landing on website then use the timing functionality to wait for some seconds before displaying your offer.

Select the frequency, don’t show the popup once the visitor converts and display it on your best converting pages. 

Maximize your conversions by targeting your campaign based on the visitor personas, traffic sources like organic, paid or referral, reference URL, geo-location, browser, or device. 

Automate your workflows and make sure your leads are sent to the right place. Connect with your favorite tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Convert kit, Constant contact, Email Octopus, Pabbly, or use webhooks to connect with Zapier, Platformly.

Want to schedule the campaigns in the future, we have you covered. 

Analyze and Optimize 

Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!

Qualzz provides detailed statistics of individual campaigns. You can view the total number of views, conversions and CTR. Graphical charts shows day wise performance of the campaign. 

View the traffic channels which are converting better for the campaign. Which weekday is working best for your offer and which device is converting the most? All these questions will be answered here. 

See the responses of your audience for your surveys. Export the data gathered in your campaign.

Take advantage of this detailed information and optimize your offering to improve your conversions.

Push notifications convert more than emails

Increase your push notifications subscribers by using the custom prompt types. Select a native prompt or a custom prompt like subscription bell icon, slide prompt or sleek prompt. Design the opt-in prompt color and text to match your website and choose when and where to display it.

Collect subscribers, view their activity, add tags and notes. Segment them based on their geo-location, tags, sessions, language and operating systems. 

Create push notifications and personalize them using the user attributes and emojis. Use rich notifications like images, buttons to increase the conversions. 

Send them immediately or schedule them in future or create a recurring campaign. Send the notifications in user’s time zones. 

The dashboard shows the subscribers growth and the notifications performance.

Deal Terms and Features

  • Lifetime access to Qualzz
  • You must Redeem your codes within 60 days of Purchase
  • All future updates included in each plan
  • 30 days money back guarantee no matter what the reason
  • Pop-up Features
    • Premium popup templates
    • Drag & Drop editor with canvas grid
    • Multi-page popups with Teasers
    • Elements like Text, Image, Button, Count down timer, Social and Consent checkbox
    • Create your own custom form fields like Name, Email, Phone no, Address
    • Advanced form fields like Checkbox, Radio button, Dropdown and Multi-line text
    • Triggers include On-landing, On-exit, on scroll, after pages, On Element hover and on click
    • Display include Time spent, Frequency and Page display
    • Advanced targeting options like New & Repeat visitors, Organic, Social, Direct, Paid and URL based.
    • Geo-Targeting, Browser and Device specific
    • Multi-channel integrations
    • Webhooks
    • Campaign Scheduling
    • In-depth analytics
  • Push Notification Features
    • Custom prompt
    • Display on specific pages or on specific event
    • Control prompt timing
    • Welcome notification
    • Subscriber’s list
    • Audience segmentation
    • Rich notifications
    • User personalization
    • Send immediately or schedule a recurring notification
    • Send notification in user’s time zone
    • Push Analytics


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  • Growth

    Onetime Payment $59

    Unlimited visitors
    Unlimited Popups
    Unlimited A/B testing
    Unlimited Push Notifications
    5 websites

    Sold Out

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  • Pro

    Onetime Payment $199

    Unlimited visitors
    Unlimited Popups
    Unlimited A/B testing
    Unlimited Push Notifications
    30 websites

    Sold Out

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  • Agency

    Onetime Payment $299

    Unlimited visitors
    Unlimited Popups
    Unlimited A/B testing
    Unlimited Push Notifications
    Unlimited websites
    30 sub-accounts
    White label
    Custom domain

    Sold Out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qualzz?

Qualzz is a trusted tool used by online stores, websites and businesses across the web. It allows you to design pop-ups, banners, sidebars and opt-in-forms to increase website conversion rate, capture leads, drive immediate sales and increase online revenue.

Using Qualzz you can collect push notification subscribers and re-engage with them by sending timely notifications directly on their browsers.

Who uses Qualzz?

Qualzz is a great solution for internet marketers, bloggers, ecommerce websites and all other small businesses. If you want to grow your email subscribers, then Qualzz highly targeted pop ups, banners, bars will increase your online sales and improve your conversions.

How do I contact support?

Our support team is reachable through live chat on website from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST time zones. We will try to extend the working hours during the LTD period.
Alternatively, you can send emails on [email protected].

You can find help articles here - https://qualzz.com/helps/

Do I need coding skills to use Qualzz?

No, Qualzz is super simple and easy to install and use for anyone. You can install Qualzz code on any CMS.

You can find help articles on installation here - https://qualzz.com/help/installation-guides/

Is white label and custom domain available on Pro plan?

No, white label and custom domain features are available only on Agency plan.

My campaigns appeared once in my browser and now I can’t get it to load?

If you interacted with the campaign when it first loaded by closing it, ignoring it or successfully adapting, it is possible to happen sometimes that the cookies for your campaign are preventing it from displaying again on the browser.

To see the campaign again on your website page, clear your browser’s cookies and once when you have done that, the campaign should load again as it was displayed before.

To learn more about how our cookies work, please take a moment to review our docs. Still, if your campaign does not load for you after clearing the cookies, please contact us at [email protected]

Any roadmap?

This is our roadmap https://trello.com/b/SzUBm8CD/roadmap


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Ask a Question

Felipe Bedin
June 22, 2021


Are sub accounts accessed by logins separate from each other, can sub account owners add and remove their own sites?

Are unlimited subscribers to unlimited sites on sub accounts?

Bala from Qualzz
June 23, 2021

Hi Felipe,

Yes, Sub accounts logins are separate from each other. Admin can invite user and he can set the permissions as Admin, Readonly and ReadWrite. Based on permission level, sub accounts can add/remove sites.

All limits are set at the owning account level.

Bala from Qualzz

June 23, 2021

I am thinking about the push notifications. I would like to insert leads collected from outside Qualzz. Both by an initial import and then one by one with automation.
Is there a way to push contacts to the subscriber list (and set segmentation) by code?

I would like to send notifications to selected segments by code as well.
Do you have an API, or do you have plans for this?

Bala from Qualzz
June 23, 2021

Hi Mark,

We can import the subscriber's list, segment the users and send notifications to them. We don't have API's currently so we can't automate the notifications.

Yes, we are planning to develop API's in future.


June 24, 2021


Is the domain included in agency for the whole account or can we setup a different domain for each sub-account?

Thank you.

Bala from Qualzz
June 24, 2021

Hi there,

If you are referring to the custom domain in the agency, yes it is for the account owner.
Alternatively you can assign a different website for each subaccount or multiple websites for each subaccount.


June 24, 2021

For the Agency plan—how much per additional sub account IF we need more in the future? I know we can stack. I’m asking about if I need more than whatever I stacked.

Bala from Qualzz
June 27, 2021

Hi there,

Currently we have 3 code stacking available on the Agency plan.
We can consider your request of adding more in the future, please reach out to us at [email protected] when the need arises.


July 6, 2021

I love the unlimited offer on this deal. However, I'm really concerned if your team has already made thorough calculations about how to keep this deal and business sustainable. Push notifications are a one size fits all and every single website can benefit from them. So you can expect a lot of websites and a lot of simultaneous campaigns after this deal (some even might get to 100,000s of subscribers). I would like to know how long have you been in business, how established is your business w.r.t MRR customers and how do you plan to keep it sustainable after offering such a generous deal? 🙂
P.S. wish you best of luck for the running deal and for your business.

Bala from Qualzz
July 6, 2021

Hello Deejay,
We have been in business since 2018, improving the product on every step of the way.

We have MRR customers and as a long-term plan, we have been working more on outbound and inbound lead generation. LTD is a short-term marketing plan to get some immediate customers and improve the app.
We got a ton of feedback and we are fixing our onboarding experience, communication, customer support, bug fixes along the way. This all helping us to be better and the app to become one of the best.

We are self-funded and have a runway to sustain for another few years.
I am sure you will see us lot more in the future.


August 15, 2021

What's the refund policy and time period to test?

Bala from Qualzz
August 19, 2021

Hi Marcos, the refund policy is 30 days. so, you can test the product within this time period.

August 28, 2021


How does this compare to ConvertBox?


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