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Woocommerce Sales Funnels Made Easy

Make WooCommerce Do Things You Never Thought Possible. Works With Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, Beaver Builder & More!

Let me ask you ask you this? Do you get frustrated with woocomerce’s rigid checkout process? Do you sometimes feel that Woocommerce limits you to a “shop” grid with individual sales pages, carts, and single checkout?

If only there was a way to build sales funnels on WordPress and have beautiful checkout pages.

Introducing Launchflows

Key features

  • Instant Registration
    Makes it fast and easy to obtain the Name and Email from every new visitor
  • Bumps & Variations
    Allows you to Offer any combination of products before or at the point of checkout.
  • Upsells & Downsells
    Makes it easy to offer any combination of products after checkout, to increase revenue per customer.
  • Donations & Pay Now
    Makes it easy for donors or clients to pay you an exact amount with just one click
  • Thank You & Next Step
    provides your buyers with a customized experience after their checkout is over
  • Best For
    Bloggers, Freelancers, Agencies and anyone who uses Woocommerce
  • Alternative to
    Cartflows and Woofunnels

Launchflows is a wordpress plugin that makes it easy to create a powerful Sales Funnel with WooCommerce.

With launchflows, you can provide a custom user journey through your products or services in a manner that increases conversions and buyer satisfaction. Best of all, no coding or design skills are required.

You only need to create a product, a checkout and a Thank-you page to get started!

LaunchFlows amplifies the capability of WooCommerce so you can easily do things that are not otherwise possible with woocommerce.

Launchflows turns your WooCommerce website into a selling machine. We make it easy to create gorgeous sales funnels, no friction checkouts, order bumps upsells downsells and much more. 

Gain full control over your buyer’s Journey from the top of your woocommerce sales funnel all the way to the bottom. Best of all you can use your favorite page builder such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg or one of the high converting templates we have included inside.

 Get rid of the clunky Woocommerce shop pages and check-out process in favor of an optimized buyer flow that instantly increases conversions and makes you more money.

Some of the features of Launchflows are 


This is a fully formatted checkout experience that displays only the minimum fields required to onboard a new user. First Name, Last Name, Email.

When To Use

Whenever you need to register and log someone in as a user following a FREE transaction, such as with a sample course or free consultation.

Typically this happens after someone has already been on your mailing list for some time and is now ready to sample your products or services.


These provide a way to sell any product or group of products on the checkout page by clicking a checkbox or radio button.

When to use them?

The Order Bump component can be used on any LaunchFlows checkout page or step, as a way to add products to the checkout.

Use this component instead of the normal WooCommerce single product page for choosing specific products or variations.

When using variations, it makes it easy to break out each variation option into a single radio button by using the variation ID.


These provide a way to sell an additional product AFTER the original checkout has been completed.

When to use

The Upsell component can be used on any page or post as a way to add a product offer. It does not require a LaunchFlows checkout.

You may also choose to daisy-chain multiple Upsell or Downsell steps together in a row.

For example, if someone declines an Upsell offer, it would be advantageous to offer them a Downsell offer (a less-expensive alternative) immediately thereafter


These make it easy for donors and clients to pay or donate exactly what they want with just one click, using any gateways that work with WooCommerce.

When to use

Use on any page or post where you want donors or clients to submit a unique donation or payment. A LaunchFlows checkout template is not required.
You may also daisy-chain multiple components together with this to create powerful sales funnels with conditional outcomes based on what was just purchased.


These components increase buyer satisfaction following any checkout. They provide information about what was just purchased as well as guidance on where to obtain the purchased content, goods or services

When to use

Use on any page or post, a LaunchFlows checkout template is not required.
You may also daisy-chain multiple components together to create powerful sales funnels with conditional outcomes based on what was just purchased.

Launchflows provides one click order bumps that increase the total value of every sale with a 10 to 30 percent conversion rate.

This is perfect for anyone offering complimentary products, training or extended warranties.

 With unlimited upsells and downsells, your buyer’s Journey doesn't need to end at the Check out. Instead we make it easy to display a series of additional offers as part of the original transaction.

This is perfect for one-time offers real products, mastermind class offers, High ticket software sales or subscription supplements.

if you want to earn more money with your woocommerce online business, you owe it to yourself to try launch flows today.

Digitalthink Offer Terms:

  • Lifetime Access to Launchflows
  • Two Years Personal Support
  • Lifetime Plugin updates
  • Lifetime Bug Reporting & Feature Requests
  • Refund Policy. 30 Days money-back guarantee no matter what the reason


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    Onetime Payment $199

    Lifetime Access to LaunchFlows
    Unlimited Sites for yourself
    Unlimited Sites for your clients
    Two Years Personal Support
    Lifetime Plugin Updates
    Lifetime Bug Reporting & Feature Requests
    15 Minutes onboarding time with Founder

    Sold Out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the lifetime License ?

Lifetime licenses are equivalent to an Unlimited license, except they don’t require an annual renewal. Lifetime licenses include two years of premium support, as well as automatic updates, bug-reporting, and feature requests for as long as LaunchFlows is being developed.

Who is the lifetime deal for ?

Lifetime licenses are intended for anyone who does not want annual renewals for themselves or their clients. By prepaying for two years of support, we include lifetime automatic updates of the plugin as a bonus.

What If I Need Support After Two Years?

We believe that the most important years for someone to get used to a new software are the first two years. Use the first two years to fully utilize the included support. However, If you still need premium support after the two-year support period has ended you’ll be able to purchase an additional year of support for a one-time fee of $99.

May I Still Report Bugs & Feature Requests after the two years?

Yes! We have built our outstanding reputation over the last fifteen years in WordPress by welcoming any and all feedback, bug reports or requests for new features. We any lifetime buyers to continue doing the same even beyond the two years of your personal support

Are there any tutorials for this plugin?

Yes. We have an entire dedicated Youtube channel with all the training you need for Launchflows


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Ask a Question

June 10, 2021


Is LaunchFlows similar to CartFlows? Is it possible to add checkboxes to the registration page for accepting terms and a privacy policy?

Does LaunchFlows support WP Ultimo?


June 14, 2021

canupsell/downsell work with any payment processor? any limitations?
other languages?

June 14, 2021

It works with whatever works with woocommerce


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