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Elevate Your Email Game with KIRIM.EMAIL!

Email Marketing Reinvented: Dive into KIRIM.EMAIL's World on DigitalThink!

Are you tired of crafting perfect emails only to send them into the void of inactive email addresses? It's time to switch gears! KIRIM.EMAIL is your gateway to a vibrant, engaged subscriber list, eager to interact with your content.

Introducing Kirim.EMAIL

Key features

  • Auto-Clean Your Email List: Jump into action with KIRIM.EMAIL’s smart feature that zaps away inactive emails from your list from the get-go. Only the engaged and eager left standing!
  • Stop Wasting Cash on Ghosts: Ditch those payments for sending to email black holes. With KIRIM.EMAIL's built-in email validation, you’re hitting real inboxes, not bots or abandoned accounts.
  • Emails That Actually Click: Fire up your sales with email sequences that hit the mark. Tailor your messages with KIRIM.EMAIL to fit your audience like a glove, turning reads into revenue.
  • Landing Pages That Pop: Whip up eye-catching, no-fuss landing pages with KIRIM.EMAIL’s slick builder. These beauties play nice with your favorite tools and look fab on all devices.
  • Template Galore: Get your hands on a treasure trove of ready-to-roll email templates. Whether for marketing magic or transactional tidbits, they’re designed to get those clicks.
  • A Stellar Alternative! Tired of the limitations of Mailchimp, Sendgrid, and Amazon SES? KIRIM.EMAIL is your all-in-one solution for both email marketing and transactional emails

From the moment you begin using KIRIM.EMAIL, it sets to work transforming your email list. This innovative platform streamlines your list right at the point of data entry, meticulously filtering out inactive email addresses. This leaves you with a refined list teeming with engaged subscribers.

Employing its unique 'magic import' technology, KIRIM.EMAIL thoroughly scrutinizes each email on your list. This process ensures that only beneficial, active emails make the cut, eliminating any that could hinder your campaign's success.

The result? Your campaigns enjoy unparalleled deliverability rates, reaching an audience eager to engage. This not only boosts your email responsiveness but also enhances the accuracy of your email analytics, empowering you with data from genuinely interested recipients.

Use the magic import feature to ensure only active emails stay on your mailing list.

Many email services require pay-per-delivery fees, which can add up if you’re sending messages out to inactive addresses.

KIRIM.EMAIL offers on-going and built-in email validation service, making sure you avoid sending emails to spam traps, bots, and inactive accounts.

All of the email validation runs in the background automatically, so you can stop paying for duplicate deliveries without lifting a finger.

Automatic email validation keeps you from sending emails to inactive subscribers or paying for duplicate sends.

Of course, no marketing campaign is effective if the emails don’t actually engage your audience.

That’s why KIRIM.EMAIL lets you send automatic email sequences or email series using broadcast triggers, email click links, or other specified conditions.

You’ll be able to increase your sales conversions with more personalized and relevant emails, which then lead to professional landing pages created with no-code templates.

Optimize your email marketing by setting up custom automations for relevant, targeted emails.

With KIRIM.EMAIL, you can generate leads through custom business domains and landing pages—without using a website or hosting service.

The intuitive landing page builder lets you fully customize ready-made templates that look awesome on any device.

You'll be able to build and publish unlimiting landing pages that integrate seamlessly with existing workplace tools like Telegram, WordPress, and Google Ads, Zappier and Pabbly Connect

Plans & features

Deal terms & conditions

  • Lifetime access to KIRIM.EMAIL
  • All future Plan updates
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new KIRIM.EMAIL users who do not have existing accounts
  • Previous Lifetime Customers who purchased KIRIM.EMAIL to increase their feature limits
  • Important note: Accounts are subject to the KIRIM.EMAIL acceptable usage policy


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